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How can I have someone charged with perjury, wasting court time, frivilous filings & sue for the costs I had to pay to fight it

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3 injunctions 4 protection filed. All include lies, and omissions. 1st filed on behalf of minor addict, pet. dropped the motion after 3 months, 2nd exhub filed, 1st hearing rescheduled, 2nd hearing pet. was a no show. 3rd exhub wife filed... I was not served & judge rescheduled 4 60 days later. I have missed time at work, gas, wear & tear on my car to drive back & forth, parking, paper, ink for printing correspondence, the mental anguish & frustration of having my name associated PUBLICLY as an accused abuser/stalker. the pain & suffering of receiving calls from hospitals when my ex would not respond &/or could not be reached & they needed permission to treat him. where can I find templates for the filings

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you can do down to your local law library perhaps or county library and look up pleadings for civil defamation, slander, libel and perhaps malicious prosecution. These cases are difficult however and very hard to recover money from an individual. Sometimes it is best to just let go.

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could I file a motion for cost? and what is a motion for taxation of costs? (taxation implies to me TAXES, but that is not the impresssion I am getting from my research.


I agree with my peer and would add that the Statutes governing Domestic Violence and Repeat Violence Injunctions prohibit the Respondent from seeking fees from the Petitioner.

Your only course of action would be civil action but you have been accused by several different people, so it will be hard to prove that there has been an abuse of process.

You really need to speak to an attorney who can help you figure out why these people are coming after you.

Good Luck.

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2 were by my ex and one from his wife... the first one was a desperate attempt by a dead beat dad to rescue our addicted son. It was easier for him to assume I beat our son and that is why our son turned to drugs than to accept that repeatedly abandoning him, not helping to support him or being a part of his life might have had anything to do with it. The experience was excruciating for me, mostly because since he had no relationship with his son or experience with being a parent, hospitals repeatedly called me for authorization for meds & treatment cuz they could not reach him. The second injunction he filed for himself was denied and a hearing was set up to hear more, 1st hearing rescheduled due to judge wanted heard by family judge. at that point his wife went & filed one herself. the hearing 4 him, he did not show and it was dismissed. Hers I did not get served and therefore knew nothing of it, I didnt show & it was extended til May. She is holding my son's life hostage. SHe added our son to her insurance and refuses to give me the card or cancel it. My insurance is considered state subsudized & therefore is secondary. Our son is a recovering addict, needing continued mental health services. I have to lie on paperwork divulging only my insurance because I can not produce the insurance card. When claims are denied cuz the state insurance knows of the other insurance I have to call corporate offices to work through to get them approved. Meanwhile the insurance comp told me that they may stop overing my sons inhaler because it should go thru the private insurance. Legally it is not her responsibility to maintain insurance. she could drop him at anytime she wants but she does it trying to have our son commited.

Carin Manders Constantine

Carin Manders Constantine


I really believe that your case is too complicated to discuss on-line with strangers and I strongly urge you to speak to an attorney you trust who can sort through these facts and assist you in getting your son the help he needs. I wish you all the luck in the world.

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