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How can I have a felony charge esponged from my record?

Lehighton, PA |

Judgement of Burglary in 1994 and all requirements have been satisfied.

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There are certain crimes that can be expunged after either 5 years or after you turn 21. You can also expunge section 17 probations and ARDs. Unfortunately you cannot expunge felonies. You may wish to pursue a govenor's pardon but they are expensive and there is no guarantee.

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No, you can only expunge summary convictions after five years. Everything else unfortunately stays on your record. Your best course of action is to pursue a pardon, but that's very expensive and a long shot. Good luck!

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As already said, and I agree, the relief you seek is not obtainable. The only possible avenue would be a governor's pardon. Difficult, time consuming and not cheap.


An expungement here is only possible if you receive a Governor's Pardon or you have turned 70. You should contact an attorney who handles pardons to receive information on the process. It takes several years so you should start now.

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