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How can i go about clearing up a crimnal background issue? i have a 2009 Lynching charge that was dropped to simple assault.

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i was placed on probabtion in 2010 which i was taken off early due to good behavior. however both charges are still showing on my background and hindering me from recieving employment. How can i legally clear this matter?

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Discuss this with the lawyer who fabulously got your lynching charge reduced. You may need to seek clemency or pardon.

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You may be out of luck, S.C. Code Ann. § 22-5-910 provides for the expungement of first offense convictions in magistrate court, after three years, provided the defendant has no other conviction during the three-year period. You can not have your records expunged under this section more than once. It sounds like you have had two convictions, which would make you ineligible for expungement. Most lawyers will talk to you initially for free, I would need to know more details. You can still get a pardon from the Governor, although they are hard to come by. Talk to a lawyer and good luck.

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