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How can I get things erased from my credit report, when they were paid years ago,

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Back in 2007 I lost my job and everything went down hill (my credit also). How can I now have things removed from my credit score if I've since paid the "settle" amount to the debt collectors. I have sent letters to the creditors and 2 years now and I still have these negative information things on my credit report holding me back.

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Rather than have me type a book here, I offer a free initial consultation and I can assist you with this, so call me for an appointment.

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Creditors are required to report truthful and accurate information regarding your history with them. Even if you "settle" an account, and your balance is updated to reflect that it is now "zero" the creditor must still report your past due history on the account truthfully. Your credit should improve with the settlement, but there is not likely a legitimate reason to have the entire tradeline removed/deleted if it is accurate.


I agree with my colleague. If it's accurate, it may remain for a specified period of time. Here's a link regarding how long the information may remain:;jsessionid=766EFA16A98E48FB1C528B109112F98F

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