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How can I get the hospital to take legal guardianship of my 87 year old mother?

Lehigh Acres, FL |

She's illegal in the country and the hospital has been paying for her care going on one year now. They want to send her back to her country but I dont have the money to pay for her care. I'm flat broke and trying to survive.

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I am so sorry to hear about your difficulties.

Please contact:
Legal Aid
190 Lee Blvd
Lehigh Acres, Florida
(239) 368-1489

They provide complimentary legal services. I hope they can help your Mom and you.

Good luck.


Section 744.309(6), Florida Statutes (2013) states that “HEALTH CARE PROVIDER.—A provider of health care services to the ward, whether direct or indirect, may not be appointed the guardian of the ward, unless the court specifically finds that there is no conflict of interest with the ward’s best interests.”

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You cannot get the hospital to take legal guardianship of your mother. You need to see a local guardianship attorney if you have questions about guardianship.

R. Jason de Groot, Esq.,