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How can I get the DA to take my daughters case seriously, MY grandfather molested her.

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I called the child abuse hotline last summer when my then 5 yr old daughter informed her grandfather had done , well you know, stuff. I was already to press charges which means, she was checked by CARE and the detective was very much there for a week or two, everything seemed that charges were in fact going to happen, until my step cousin's case ( Which I had no idea this had even happend) got linked to mine because we were both accusing my grandfather. The DA took his case more seriously because he was 19 and my daughter was 5. What do I do now since the DA no longer has 'Time" for us?

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You might try giving the District Attorney a call, not just one of his or her assistants. You could also consider getting the media involved to put some pressure on the office,



They have dodge my phone calls,and my cousin does't want anything to do with getting the media involved which is something I want to do and have already talk to. Should I just hire a lawyer or something?


Although people often don't think about hiring a defense lawyer when they -- or a family member -- are a victim, nevertheless there are advantages to doing so. It can help facilitate communication between you and prosecutor. You can be told when, realistically, the case will go to trial (so you don't take time off for every subpoenaed court date). Your lawyer can also communicate with defense counsel in ways that serve your interest: e.g., helping the case settle to avoid a trial. Lastly, your own lawyer can explain things that the prosecutor may not explain well, for example, that your daughter might not be competent to testify and therefore the state's case may not be triable at the moment (though it may be triable as your daughter matures.)


Some district attorney's have persons in their office designated to be the contact point for victims and witnesses. If your district attorney has such a victim/witness counselor, contacting such a person could be a better method of getting information on the case. It may be that that the DA views a case with an adult witness as easier to win and the DA may be trying to spare your daughter the stress of being a witness, but only the DA can answer that for you.

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