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How can I get spousal support stopped?

Palm Desert, CA |

I was married 3 yrs and 9 mths. I am legally seperated, I have already paid spousal support for 2 1/2 yrs. What do I need to do to have support stopped.

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You have to file the appropriate papers with the court and demonstrate to the court why it should stop the child support. Normally the court balances many factors including, but not limited to, both spouse's earnings, who is the primary custodial parent, what the child's needs are, what is in the best interest of the child, other financial resources, special needs of the child, whether the other spouse is living with someone else who is also providing financial support, in making such a determination. The courts normally want both biological parents to contribute to the upbringing of the child and to actively participate in child rearing responsibilities. Without the benefit of having all of your facts, it is not possible to say whether you have a valid reason that the court might agree with. You really need to consult with a family law attorney to go about this properly.
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