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How can i get simple assault charges dropped

Berlin, NH |

will me and my girl got into a disagreement and she slap me across the face well i called the cops and she got arrested how can i get them dropped the state has taken over so they told me that it was nothing i can do

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The judicial system is not like a game of golf where you can get a mulligan. Once the charges are brought and there is a case opened in the court, your girlfriend's best course of action now is to get an experienced defense attorney who will discuss with her all of the potential options that are in her best interest, which are not appropriate for discussion in a public forum like this.

I seriously wish both of you the best.

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Unless there are other witnesses to the slap, the state still needs you to testify to prove its case. Having a police officer testify as to what you may have told him on the day of the incident is hearsay, and would deny your girlfriend her constitutional right to confront her accuser. Hearsay is not admissible at trial. As such, the prosecutor must have a live witness testifying that your girlfriend slapped you in order to have any evidence against your girlfriend at trial. Good luck.

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