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How can I get propety in my nome if I am the only hier?

Bayboro, NC |

Grandfather died left propety to Mother, Mothe died left everything to me, only hier

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You will need to see an estate planning attorney. A probate or administration will need to occur to clear title and get property which was left to you correctly transferred.


I agree with Attorney David. Depending on what you find out, it may be necessary to have two probate estates open, if the title was never transfered to your mother. You might find, however, that title was made joint with you, in which case, probate may not be necessary. I would contact a probate attorney to help you investigate this and determine where you stand.

James Frederick

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There are not enough facts to provide you with detailed direction. You should contact a local probate attorney to review whatever information you have. You'll need to determine the title to grandfather's property; was it properly transferred to mother? Does that estate require administration? Once the grandfather issue is resolved, you'll have to do the same thing for mother.

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