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How can I get pictures of myself taken down from a website?

Bronx, NY |

I joined a website in 2005 and I added a few pictures. In 2006 I forgot my password and since then tried everything to get them taken down and had no luck can someone please help?

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The easiest thing would be to reacquire your password from the company and modify your listing to delete the photos, but since you 've tried everything, you've probably done that. The next easiest thing to do would be to send an email to a site administrator, but since you've done everything you've probably done that. Perhaps a lawyer's letter will get a result.

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You need to retain counsel to assist you. The first step would be to review the terms of use that you agreed to when you signed onto the web-site. Next, you could try to recover your password and take down the photographs on your own. If that doesn't work, your lawyer could send a legal letter to the web-site owner demanding that the photographs be removed (but until the terms of use that you agreed to are reviewed, it is not clear that you have the right to remove the photographs). Depending on the facts and circumstances, you could have your lawyer send a Digital Millennium Copyright Law Takedown notice (which might do the trick). This is a common problem and, unfortunately, there is often no easy solution.