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How can i get paid commissions owed without seeking help from a lawyer?

Windermere, FL |

Since there is no law for employees who are paid on commission from Department of Labor, I was wondering, how can I get paid from my former employer who owes 10K with using a lawyer. I do have all the paper work and I did send a demand letter from me and she refuses to pay me. Also when I was laid off I was a salary employee and my last paycheck she paid me hourly. I don't understand how she can get away with this and why there is no law that stops this disadvantage practice. Please Help!

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You've come to an odd place to ask this particular question! But, perhaps you could sue in small claims court. No lawyers there. I don't know the limit in FLA, but in many states you can assert a claim for $10K in small claims court. Good luck.

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See Fla Stat 448.08 then call a lawyer

In my practice, I do both litigation work and financial/estate planning. More and more, I'm phasing out of the litigation work and counseling with other lawyers' clients regarding the financial & estate planning aspects of their legal cases. Many times, the need for my services comes from a change in a client's family situation: birth, death, marriage, or divorce. Other times, the client is settling a suit or claim, and they need to know how to reduce taxes and protect the money so it doesn't get squandered or sued away from them. Whatever your legal situation, there is likely to be a financial component that raises questions or concerns for you.


You can try to do this on your own, but likely making a mistake. One, the employer is not going to take you seriously and, two, Florida law allows for the recovery of fees in seeking unpaid wages. This puts added pressure on the employer to pay and pay quickly.