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How can I get out of an agreement/contract with a vacation travel company that offer travel packages at discounts?

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During a timeshare exchange vacation to Fort Lauderdale, a year ago, I had to attend one of the sales meetings where they offered a free meal if you sat down an listened to a sales pitch for a vacation package. Little did I know that once you entered the conference room and finished the meal, it was impossible to leave the room withouth purchasing one of the packages. We went thru at least three or four different sales personnel. Bottomline, I signed this enrollment agreement/contract which cost me 2995.00 plus annual membership dues 189.00 dollars for 5 years. Am I stuck in this agreement even if I don't use it?

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How impossible was it to leave? Where the doors locked or blocked in any way?
Also check the package offered if the prices are competitive or inflated? What record does this company have with the BBB that state's Attorney General?
Since it has been a year or so getting out of the contract would be difficult unless they did something REALLY underhanded. In any event insist in writing (registered letter) you want to cancel the membership (but make sure there is no outrafeous termination fee). If this company has any licenses from the State attack the company through the licensing agencies.

This is only general advice it is highly recommended to contact an attorney in your area for definitive guidance.


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