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How can I get my son out of jail, when I dont have any money for a lawyer nor bail? He is 16 years old in an adult jail.

Philadelphia, PA |

Son with two other friend, all locked up for robbery. The person said he was rob with gun by one african american black, one hispanic and one caucasion. Then went to court and said my son was the only one that he remember because he was the only black kid there.He set the other two kids free. The other two kids were young adults and cousin.There was no gun found on these kids, nor money.They is keeping my son lock up because this man said he did it.My son only had 1 dollar on him and was going to the store when the cop pulled up on them with this man that said he was rob by them. My son thinks he is lock up for stealing his own camera and cell, that is what the cop took off of him.The DA IS TRYING TO GET MY SON TO TAKE A DEAL.Why should my son plead guilty to somthing like this? HELP ME!

Also my son bail is $100,000.00. He seen 2 judgeS so far, they wouldn't lower the bail. I took what little money I had in paid a lawyer to help, but nothing was done. My son is an A,B student. His school even wrote letters for him. NOW he is in jail getting in trouble because people are attacking him.I was told if he continue to get in trouble while he is in there, the DA would use that against him, but what is he to do, sit there in let them other people hurt him.I swear, if these young kids are not criminals, THE SYSTEMS WOULD MAKE THEM OUT TO BE ONE!!!!!!! HELP ME PLEASE! I NEED A GOOD LAWYER THAT CAN REALLY HELP! THEY ARE TRYING TO TAKE MY SON LIFE AWAY FROM HIM, HE IS ONLY 16!!!!!!!

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I am sure by now you son has an attorney assigned by the defender's association in Philadelphia. Since you have no money for an attorney or bail your only recourse is to contact the public defender and see if there is anything he or she could do. Best of luck.



Don't think you're alone. I'm going thru the same thing with my son and unfortunately the system goes upon hear say and not evidence. It's terrible! My sons bail is 100,000 as well and no evidence but hear say. Who has that kine of money laying around? ridiculous