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How can I get my license restored after being suspended?

Atlanta, GA |

My license was suspended for going over 15 points and I was notified via certified mail earlier this month. This past weekend I was driving my mother's vehicle without her knowing about the suspension and I was arrested after being stopped for running a red light. I was bailed out and went to court on Monday but the Judge gave me another date in March and suggested I get an attorney and take some driving course before returning. Please advise

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You're taking a not-too-bad situation and making it worse. Stop driving now. Get a lawyer before you lose your right to drive in a way that you can't get it back.

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If you get convicted of driving on a suspended license, your license will be suspended for another 6 months. Take the judge's advice and get an attorney. Call me if I can be of assistance.

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You can reinstate your license from a 15 point suspension immediately. There is no required amount of time you have to wait. You need to attend a state certified defensive driving school (not DUI School), and paying a $200 reinstatement fee by mail, or $210 in person. In the meantime, you may go get a limited driving permit for $25. I highly recommend you reinstate your license because this will be a huge help when you have to go to court for the suspended license charge which carries a further 6 month suspension with no limited permit if convicted, 2 days in jail, and a minimum $500 fine. Having your license reinstated before that court date is the best possible thing you can do to help yourself out.

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Cory Earl Yager

Cory Earl Yager


Everything Jim said is right on the money. Also make sure you have someone take you to the DDS in Conyers, GA to get the limited permit (dont drive out there yourself). The DDS defensive driving course will remove 7 points from your license and can be taken once every 5 years. You will need to submit the certificate along with the payment to get your license reinstated. Many courts will work with your attorney if you have followed the advice Jim laid out in his response. You should also hire a qualified attorney to help you with the process.


I strongly agree with the other attorneys who have responded to your question. You are facing further license suspension and other penalties and that is why the judge asked you to consult with an attorney. Listen to him/her. Feel free to call me if you need to discuss this matter further. I provide a free consultation.

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