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How can I get my impounded car back?

Roswell, NM |

My daughter was driving my car and the car was impounded and has been impounded for 5 months. She is not a suspect and no arrests were made but the sherriff's dept. stated the car might have evidence in it from a sucide. Apparently some undisclosed person reported there might be something in the car. Her lawyer told her not to talk to the detectives. The lawyer stated he wrote a letter but now we cannot afford further legal aid. I wish they would charge or release my car. They are very hostile and angry when we talk to them. I do not know what to do.

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Attorney answers 1


Respectfully, your question is a tad confusing. If the lawyer is still on the case, s/he should be answering your questions or concerns.

Also, it is hard to tell you what the next step would be when we do not know to whom the letter was addressed.

I suggest you contact the clerk for the judge in charge of the case. Here in WI, some judges will intervene when nonrepresented persons write a letter explaining their situations. Perhaps, your judge would do so, as well. The judge's clerk will know if the judge would be receptive to a letter from you regarding this issue. If so, I would suggest explaining the hardships you are enduring without your car, how long you have been without it, etc. I would also point out that, if there is evidence in the car, the government could easily remove or othewise preseve that evidence, and return the car to you.

Good luck!