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How can i get my girfriend to leave my house

Cuyahoga Falls, OH |

My girlfriend has been living in my house for a couple years. We are having major problems such as her having an affair and not doing anything around the house to help. We fight constantly. I asked her to leave and she said I need to find her a place to live and i cant afford to do that. To compicate the issue we have three kids that are probably mine but that dont have my last name or my name on their birth certificate that she wont leave with me so i need to find her and the kids a place and pay for it or she wont leave. What can I do to get her out of my house. At this point I don't care if she takes the kids or not

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If you are not married, and it is soley your house, you would need to file an eviction against her in the local municipal court. This would allow you to obtain a court order to evict her and then change the locks to prevent her from coming back to live. You have no obligation to find her a new place to live, with or without the children.

However, if the children are yours, and she leaves with the kids, figure you are going to be paying child support through the CSEA if any turn out to be yours.