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How can I get my gas tank replaced?

Lake Stevens, WA |

I bought a 2012 Aprilia RSV4 motorcycle about 9 months ago and when I was waiting for the papers to be done up, the sales rep told me that Aprilia had done a recall on the gas tank because it bubbles up around the side. Apparently this is due to the type of gas the US has which the tank is plastic and bubbles up. However, a few months after having the bike I had gone down on it which scuffed up part of the tank. The dealer is now telling me that Aprilia won't accept a recall on a damaged tank. The tank only has a small scuff from the accident and I feel that they should stull replace it. How can I go about making them? My buddy was saying this maybe could be seen as a safety issue too but I am not sure it really is. I also don't think Aprilia would ever use the tank again even w/o the scuf

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A recall is a recall. How does an accident affect the worthiness of the gas tank? Is it suddenly OK for your bike now? You may be wise to contact a consumer protection attorney for a low or no fee consultation, found here:


The dealer is not telling you the truth. You may want to take it to another dealer but you may get the same answer too. One of the problems with scooters and low priced bikes is that many manufacturers do not pay for repairs done under warranty (even though they should) and it may be that your dealer just doesn't want to "eat" the cost by itself. Call the factory and complain. If they still won't take care of it, talk to a local consumer lawyer or lemon law lawyer and get help. You can find one near you at and at

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