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How can I get my ex-husbands social security work history or some other proof of the last years work history?

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My ex-husband does not pay child support and the DA has gone after him with a QDRO to recover this child support against his retirement fund. Four weeks after our divorce he quit his job of 25 years. At this point I need to send to his Union one full year of his work history proving he did not work in his trade, then my daughter can get her back support. But I do not know how to go about getting his work history and it is so frustrating because I can not afford an attorney and my ex-husband who was living with his parents up until three weeks ago has now disappeared of the face of the earth and the District Attorney's office can not serve him his papers. What can I do?

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The employment dept. keeps a record of work by quarters and employer. To get this information you need to subpoena it. The support collection people in the DA's office could help you get the subpoena completed and served.