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How can I get my ex girlfriend to signed over the car title. She got the car repo and i pay off the remain balance.

Dayton, OH |

I have the title and I want to sell or give it away but I need her to sign over the title to do that but she will not answer my txt or calls and I cant get in contact with her

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If her name is on the title you most likely can't force her to sign over the title unless you had a contract that indicated what would be done with the car if you broke up. This is exactly why I recommend everything be in writing when you co-mingle property without marriage.

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Ronald Lee Burdge

Ronald Lee Burdge


Chris is right. Listen to his advice. If you can't get this straightened out, you should call him for help. His office is just east of Dayton.


If you can prove that you paid for it, then I'd think about suing her in small claims court under a theory of unjust enrichment.

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