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How can I get my employer to accept responsibility for employee safety with regard to taking care of the employee parking lot?

Farwell, MI |

I fell on the ice in the employee parking lot while on my way into work. I had to go by ambulance to the hospital to get checked out. Nothing broke but severely bruised. Off work for over a week, so far. The problem is we (employees) have been complaining about the conditions in the employee parking lot for years now and they just don't seem to care. I have a titanium vertebrae, rods, screws and plates in my upper back from an accident a few years back and am the last person who wants to fall! I need my job because I am the sole bread winner as my husband got laid off the day after my accident. I really am upset that they don't seem to take employee safety very seriously and blow us off when we complain. What are my options?

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There are a couple facts that need to be determined to be able to give you a definite answer. However, it might depend who owns the parking lot as to who is responsible for keeping it clear. Sounds like maybe it needs to be reported in writing, maybe even to corporate. Good luck.

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You should first contact a workers' compensation attorney. Depending in the laws in your state, you could have a civil suit against a third party, but I would contact an experienced comp attorney in the area as a starting point.

Seth Carroll is licensed to practice in Virginia only. The preceding is for information only and should not be construed as legal advice. Always call a lawyer directly for advice.


Hire a personal injury lawyer. you may have a claim against the landlord or building owner Good luck!


In Michigan, our law is backwards. You cannot sue a landlord for slipping on ice, because its natural. You would likely have a comp claim, but your only real choice is to find a new employer that cares enough to salt their parking lot because the Michigan Supreme Court doesn't care!

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As the 1st attorney answer points out, Michigan law re: premises liability favors the premises owner to do NOTHING to create a safe premises and there is virtually NO LIABILITY for failing to keep a premises safe. That being said, if you are injured on the job, and have the requisite # of days off, you have a Worker's Compensation claim (which pays for your medical treatment and approximately 2/3 of your lost wage). If you are in a Union, you can file a Grievance re: the parking lot conditions. If you are not in a Union, then you can still file an unsafe work place condition report with your employer. You could also ask the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth to look into this workplace safety matter. You could join together with other employees and have all file notice/letters of protest re: the safety issue. You could try and involve your local papers, tv problem solvers, civic groups or church organizations to sway management into doing the right thing. It is a shame how corporations have been given a Michigan license to skimp on safety and common sense by our regressive Governor, Legislature and Judges, but it is the current state of affairs based on how the populace votes.


You would want to retain a local workers comp lawyer.

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In florida you may be entitled to file a lawsuit against your employer directly, consult an attorney

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