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How can I get my drivers license reinstated from a suspension due to back child support?

Joliet, IL |

I have been behind from the start. it was over a year from the date of the divorce before I ever saw the papers and then only after I was arrested for failure to pay. Since then I have tried to stay as current as I can while attempting to catch up on my back support. Recently, I have been unemployed for the better part of 3 years and unable to pay or find gainful employment. As such my license has been suspended making it that much harder to find employment. In fact, I had to turn down the first offer I have had in months today because the job required a valid license. I want to pay my child support, but I am in a position where I literally have no way to do so. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You have to get caught up and then pay the $500 license reinstatement fee.


The guru is correct - however I want to ad that It may be trickier - it could also be an admin title IV suspension if it was done post decree and the state's attorney was brought in for the prison portion. I'm leaning towards the former versus the latter, but only a case review will tell.

There is a way out aside from paying the full amount. But you'll need an attorney, and some patience. A 510 petition is a given, but what you're likely most concerned about is the prior amount in play. An attorney can handle that through an agreed order on arrears. This will get you out of the debt spiral and back on your feet.

Contact the Will County Bar Association, or look around AVVO for a family law attorney. Best of luck!