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How can I get my dog back from animal control?

Sacramento, CA |

My dog got out of the house accidentally and bit the neighbor's dog. The neighbor called Animal control and they took her same day. She is half lab and half pit. How do I get her back??

I was outside talking to a neighbor and my dog got out of the house without me knowing and bit a dog walking in the side walk. I immediately contained my dog and brought her back to the house. It is the first time my dog bit someone. The neighbor is threatening to sue. What are the chances of my dog getting euthanized? Can I make a deal with the neighbor that if I pay vet bills, then we can agree with the release of my dog and not get sued? I want to get my dog back asap.

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Contact Animal Control and ask them what you need to do?


You can negotiate anything you want with your neighbor, provided that the neighbor has not retained an attorney. In that case, the attorney will be your contact point. I would suggest calling animal control and asking what you have to do to get the dog back.


The best way to find out how you can get your dog back is to contact animal control right away to find out what procedures you need to undertake to try and get your dog back. There may be many requirements such as that the dog be spayed or neutered and that the dog be up to date on all its vaccinations. Animal control may also want to make sure your dog is not a danger to the community. It is also important to contact them right away so that they know that you want your dog back. Best of luck.

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