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How can I get my deposit back and get out of my 1yr lease, want to get out because of a roach infested problem?

Indio, CA |

I have a 1yr lease on a apartment I rented when I move in the apartment wasn't even ready it still need some things done a few days after I move in I saw that there were roaches in the apartment I could even see that their was roach poop on cabinets and walls that they try to cover with paint and they did a bad job cause u could see it now I have half a year here and its getting really worst their every were in the house their even coming from the air vents from the apartment and they still haven't come and fix the rest of the apartment I would like to know how to get out of the lease and to get my deposit because they didn't even finish fixing the apartment after I still call them and notify them about the problem please help

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Tell your landlord that the cockroach problem makes the apartment substantially uninhabitable, and the landlord's failure to remove them has breached his implied warranty of habitability. Say you are electing to terminate the lease, and you demand your deposit back.

If he does not return the deposit, you can go to small claims court, where you will show the judge all the pictures you have taken.


I agree with the answer provided. I would suggest you put it in writing, and make sure to keep a copy of the letter.