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How can I get my daughters father to sign her birth certificate & set some custody/visitation mandatory time IN MICHIGAN?

Roseville, MI |

He never sees her, never spends time with her, have never bought her anything. However, paternity has been established. We have a child support hearing tomorrow. I want to request his name to be added to her birth certificate. I also want him to take on his responsibility as a father and set some mandatory boundaries that he has to have his daughter @ lease 2/3 days out the week. I am a full time mom. I work full time. I attend school full time. I pay daycare $260 A WEEK from 8-5pm then I pay an addition babysitter 3 days out the week to keep her while I attend school @ night. He helps with none of it. Also for my child support hearing, on paper it may show he is broke, b/c he doesn't have a LEGAL job. I'm scared that they are going to order him to pay maybe 20/40 dollars.

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You seem like you need help, financially and with child rearing. Is the prosecuting attorney participating in this case? You said paternity has been established, but you didn't say how. Do you have a court order or did he file an affidavit of parentage? You cannot force a father to participate in a child's life. Unfortunately, it is surprising how many parents will step up to the plate to get overnights to reduce their child support. Several factors are considered when determining child support. One of the most important factors is the number of overnights each parent has with a child. Child care is also taken into consideration so you must bring verification of what you are paying to court. If he doesn't have a legal job, the court can impute income. I would suggest speaking to counsel. Depending on the type of hearing you have tomorrow, the court may try to resolve the child support issue tomorrow. Be mindful of what you consent to because you have a right to prove he makes more than he tells the court. I would also suggest that you speak to a professional - attorney or therapist - on how to manage the difficulties of being a single parent. There is help out there. Best wishes.

John F. Brennan

John F. Brennan


Well written and proper advice.



Hello, thanks for replying. My court appearance is a settlement conference. Paternity was established by testing through the state. I am very upset by this piece of information about the "forcing" a parent to be a parent. It's a little ridiculous, well a lot ridiculous b/c I have things going on in my life as well. If I walked away from my child I would be considered a horrible mother when a man does it, especially a blackk man. It's deemed as "normal, expected & ok". If it is proven & it clearly says on paper that he IS THE FATHER then I don't understand why a court can't enforce involvement. You mean to tell me the court can request payment, but not involvement?! That's crazy, it goes hand and hand! A child needs BOTH parents as well as financial stability. For instance, I'm paying $260 for daycare plus an additional babysitter to go to school. If we have one parent who is a broke, lazy bum ON PAPER why can't it be enforce that he keeps the child during these times? I really just don't understand these laws. It's my first child. I'm working full time, school full time, I barely see my own child. Not to mention I'm struggling trying to keep up a good lifestyle and education why he gets to do nothing! If I didn't feed my child, I'd go to jail. If I didn't buy her diapers, clothes etc social services would come pick her up. If I left her @ a daycare center, never picked her up, never cared to know how she was it would be considered ABANDONMENT! But he does all of these things & it's ok b/c only mothers can be enforced to take responsibility for their kids?! And yes, it is very difficult. Help?! In Michigan?! Lol. Thats unheard of. What kind of help can you receive as a single mother? There is no cure to this. I guess the only rule is to do what you have to do to make it happen. Thanks for the heads up. It's pointless for me to even go to court tomorrow. If on paper it says he's broke then the order would be to get a job and pay me $20 a month. 1 pack of diapers isn't even $20. He wins again!

John F. Brennan

John F. Brennan


The first error was pro-creating with this man, and you did that. Sadly you will be paying the price for 20 years or more Go to the hearing and insist his income is imputed at $10 per hour. Macomb will normally do that. If you do not go he wins by default. Your have the help him wake up and understand the responsibility rue has for his part in the creation of your mutual child. I know you are disappointed and hurt, but calling it different would benefit you not. You must deal with the reality, not the dream. Teach others not to make the same mistakes. What you are doing will, eventually, serve you well.


Hearing or meeting with an investigator? You need an attorney to present and prove your case.
As for forcing him to take parenting time, it can be ordered but if he does not take it the court simply increases the support and changes the order. Generally it will not, because it cannot, force paternal involvement.

To the PROSPECTIVE client, please call myself or another attorney for you choice with more detaiils and an appointment. My PRELIMINARY answer to your question(s) is for general purposes and based upon what little information you have conveyed. It is based on such limited information that the general answer should never be relied as a reason for your action or inaction. My response does NOT establish an attorney-client relationship and such may only be established by mutual agreement, and the signing of a written retainer agreement, which will generally require payment for our services, as this is what we do for a living and, just like you, we must get paid for our work.. .

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