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How can I get my child's dad address for him to be served the papers for child support?

Gulfport, MS |

I have submitted the paper work for child support but they need the address for my child's dad to serve him the papers but I do not know where he is. I have seen pictures that he has taken that says that he is in New York. Thank you.

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He can be summoned by publication. I also suggest using web resources such as white pages etc


There are "skip trace" services that can be used to locate people, particularly if you have their social security number and you have a legitimate legal need to locate them. Collecting child support is certainly a legitimate need. Your attorney should have access to these services and should be able to help you locate them. Also, depending on how much child support there is outstanding and how likely you think you are to collect it, it may be worth the money to hire a private investigator to locate him if less expensive options don't work out.

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