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How can I get my 2 year court supervised probation shortened or switched to unsupervised probation for a first time offender?

Fayette, MO |

I had a public defender but he didnt help my case at all. He entered a plea of guilty on a third degree domestic assault charge but I have never been in trouble for ANYTHING in my 27 years

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You don't mention who is supervising the probation. The Missouri Department of Probation and Parole typically will not supervise probation, instead leaving it up to the county or municipality to do so and charging you a fee. They will, however, supervise assault, so I'm not sure which entity you are reporting to currently. The easy answer to your question is to hire an attorney who can file a motion asking that the probation be amended to unsupervised. A number of factors go into the likelihood that you will prevail. Certainly your chances are much higher if you have paid all costs and any fees for crime victims funds, etc. Also, if you were Ordered to complete special conditions of probation (community service, anger management classes, etc.) you stand a much better chance of getting the probation switched if all of those items are completed. Having a good reason also helps. You can imagine a judge is going to ask any lawyer why you care about supervision if you are doing nothing wrong. I recognize why you would want it switched, but you need to have an answer for that question when it comes up. In most instances client have a job that requires they travel more extensively than the probation office will allow or the fees associated with probation are too expensive to pay at this time. Regardless of your particular reason, you need to have something as a response. You are welcome to call me at 314-229-1028, but if the case is in Fayette, it may be cheaper to hire a local lawyer than to pay me or another attorney from St. Louis to appear in court there to argue the motion. Hope this helps. - Jeff Goldfarb, Goldfarb Law Group, LLC