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How can I get info on a Wrongful Death lawsuit that my family had filed over 7 years ago? A relative had died while incarcirated

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How can I get info on a Wrongful Death lawsuit that my family had filed over 7 years ago? A relative had died while incarcirated under the Federal Bureau if Prisons.The lawyer is not to be found. And we have no updated info.

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You may check the court records at the courthouse. Public documents should reveal the case and outcome for you.

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The court records are open to the public. Since this is a federal matter, I can only assume that the case was filed in the federal district court in your area or the area where the prison was located. You can call the court clerk's office to inquire about the suit and if it is filed in a particular courthouse.

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I practice law in New York State, in both federal system and the state courts. Both systems now have some access by electronic website use. of course first place to start would be to contact the attorney who is handling the case, and if you get no response by phone you can send a certified return receipt requested letter. If you wish to handle this matter yourself, or you do not know who the attorney is,the first place to start for New York state courts would be at
it is somewhat user-friendly and you can search by the area of the state, the type of court, the name of a judge, or the name of the plaintiff.

I don't know which area of the state suit was filed in, but the federal court clerks are very willing to help people in your position, and you should call the federal clerk of the court would litigation is. if you don't know where it was, it is likely that the court clerk can direct you to the best website to try to find the case, but this is a little bit trickier because the PACER ELECTRONIC filing is limited to people who are registered to participate in it-typically the attorneys handling the cases. If you run out of options, you are free to e-mail me and if I can I'll try to assist you. My e-mail is

Robert L. Brenna Jr.
Brenna BRENNA and Boyce PLLC
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