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How can i get help with a divorce i have kids but no money?

Dallas, TX |

i got married in 2005 the marriage lasted only one year and he just left ever since and now its 2013 and i just want a divorce .. he moved to mexico and ive never seen him again. What can i do?

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The short answer is, "File for divorce in Texas."

After filing for divorce, you will need to serve the papers on your husband. An experienced divorce attorney in Texas should be help you navigate serving your husband in Mexico.

Even if your husband cannot be found to serve papers, that will necessarily stop the divorce process. You will need to argue to the court that you made a good faith and diligent effort to locate and serve your husband, that he could not be found, and therefore the court should allow service by alternative means (see: by publication in the newspaper.)

Once served, he must respond within a fixed period of time. If he does not, the court will grant your a default divorce and end your marriage.

Consultation with a local family law attorney would be recommended. Best of luck to you!

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Travis Craig Thompson

Travis Craig Thompson


Typo: Should read "Even if your husband cannot be found to serve papers, that will NOT necessarily stop the divorce process." Sorry for any confusion!


You'll need to talk to legal aid or brush up on pro se divorces in Texas and do it yourself using your online resourses. Or visit the courthouse and make an appointment with the court's attorney.


You can go to legal aid. In the Greater Houston Area, you can contact Houston Volunteer Lawyers Phone 713-228-0735.. You could also contact Lone Star Legal Aid Phone 800-733-8394. You may have to get service by publication if you can't find him, if you can't provide notice to him otherwise.