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How can i get help i have no money to pay an attorney for my husband

Highland, CA |

I had posted about my husband having INS hold and what could happed .Well I investigated more on his statues he has been in California for more then 35 years. His dad is a US Citizen and mom Permanent resident all brothers and sisters US Citizens. all his kids are US citizens and he has no criminal charges or felonies. judge gave him 30 days for his 2 warrants for FTP and dismissed the case. well he did his time was told he would be released but instead they turned him over to ICE. i cant afford an attorney at the time since i take care of my baby who turned 1 in march and has some spin and neck problems along with 3 other children ages 6 and under. now i struggle to care for my home and kids. and trying to keep him from being deported. what can i do and where can i turn for help? please

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You should check with your state's bar association to see if there are any pro-bono attorneys/organizations who can help you. You can also check the list of pro-bono services on

Camille Mackler

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The USCIS page lists low-cost and free legal services.

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