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How can i get harrassment charges dropped in PA?

Apollo, PA |

myself and another women have be "harrassing "eachother. she wasw found guilty 2-2010 in district court against myself. I blogged info on her on facebook now and now our local police say i face harrassment charges beacause i intentially met to "irratate" her. I posted on public info which came from public records. can i beat these charges?

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Attorney answers 1


You posted a very similar question in another post without as much info as you posted here. This actually sounds like somewhat of a minor issue but the State Police just don't want to have to deal with a fight between you and the other women. It seems like they charged you both and will let the court sort it out.

You would be smart to retain an attorney to help you and represent you in the local court. The attorney should know how and what to argue to the court to show that your actions did not rise to the level of Harassment.