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How can i get emancipated without a job and birth certificate?

Vinita, OK |

I am almost 16 will be in june 20th. My mom and I do nothing but fight constantly. I need help getting out of her way as she says. without having a job or birth certificate.. im having a difficult time doing so.

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The following are the requirements for emancipation:
When a child becomes emancipated they are asking the judge to grant them authority to do the same things as a person who has reached the Age of Majority which is or 18 or 19 years old in most states. In the State of Oklahoma this age is 18.

If the child receives permission from the court to be emancipated then the parents or the guardians are not responsible for the child. That means they are not obligated to provide money, medical insurance or any other kind of support.

Before a child gets emancipated he or she must be able to provide for themselves, handle their own money and have a legal way to make money. All these conditions at a minimum must be met before the judge will make a ruling in favor of the child.

What are some of the general rules on how to get emancipated in Oklahoma?

The child must be a resident of Oklahoma
The child has to be at least 16 years of age
The child must be living separate and apart from the parents or guardian
The child must be capable of supporting himself or herself financially and managing his or her own affairs
Each parent or guardian must consent (although there are certain exceptions)
Not a ward of the state
Just because a child becomes emancipated there are still certain responsibilities the child must take care of themselves:

Cannot drink alcohol until the legal age in that state
Must attend school
Cannot get married unless he/she has parents permission
Cannot vote until the age of 18
Cannot purchase cigarettes or alcohol
Cannot purchase or possess firearms
Now for the good news about emancipation. The child who is granted emancipation can get medical care, apply for a work permit, sign up for school and go to college and live where he/she wants to. Remember this is a big responsibility and when you ask for it you really should be ready to receive it.

If you want to get emancipated then go to the appropriate juvenile court to start the proceedings. You probably be interviewed to make sure you understand the ramifications of emancipation. If it is deemed that you are a candidate then a petition in juvenile court should be filed to start the process.

Once you are emancipated make sure you keep your papers with you at all times. When things occur you might have to provide proof of emancipation!

From what you have stated you do not meet the requirements.

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