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How can I get copies of mother's tax returns? Until I see those taxes, then I can decide if I can file a motion to decrease CS

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Fd case, 4 yrs old son. when CS award was calculated; mother presented a single pay stub under a diffirent name and SS# as proof of income. she is illegal and file no taxes. Judge was ok with it. then, she won a motion to have our son on her income taxes to get a fat refund from goverment. Since she is filling income taxes I want to file a motion and ask to see those taxes. I want to see her true income. In the motion form, ask me if I want to inc or dec my CS payments? I do not know what to select since I do not have no clue if she makes more or less $$ now. until I see the taxes n see her income I can not respond If i want a decrease. What do I need to select in this question? or should be a plain motion and not complete that section at all? Pls advise.

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You can request that she produce the tax returns as part of the CS adjustment proceedings. However, this is not typically do-it-yourself stuff. You should seriously consider retaining counsel for the proceedings.

Good luck.

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Mr. Nielsen has given you the correct answer. Hire him.