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How can I get case laws for a 2nd degree robbery?

Tampa, FL |

I am aware of the law library but is there any specific searches I can do on line from home?

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Easy to find Florida Statutes on-line, and then when you get the statute number that applies google that for Florida.

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There are not any good "free" case law searchable websites. The two main ones are Westlaw and Lexis, but attorneys like myself pay a substantial fee to access those websites. You may be able to do a one time access, but the money you would spend would be better spent on an attorney.


You can try using, but doing blind searches is unlikely to get you far. Your best bet is to go to a law library and ask a research assistant to show you the criminal law treatises. After you find germane cases, then you do searches based off those relevant cases and issues.

You need to hire an attorney. If practicing the law was so easy that anyone with Internet access could do it, then everyone could be a lawyer, but that's not reality. The reality is that we spend three years in law school and learn how to research and cite legal precedent.

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I agree with my colleagues. Seek the help of a private attorney. Without knowledge of your criminal history, all the facts and all the evidence, I can only guess as to what the court will sentence you.
If your initial charge is a second degree felony, there is no usual time for sentencing a VOP, only that you will have no bond for the period of jail time waiting for court date. Although jail time can be used to lessen the sentencing time, the judge, can revoke your probation without waiting until you are convicted of a new crime.
The judge may give you additional incarceration with the possibility of parole after serving 2 yrs. If you have a long criminal record with similar offenses, FL allows up to 15 yrs. of prison and a maxim fine of $10,000. With a low-level of criminal history, you will probably receive 1 to 5 yrs. with parole.