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How can I get an F1 visa if my status change (B2 to F1) just got approved (e-filing the I-539)?

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I entered Unites Sates as a tourist (my visa status being B2), I apply to change the status of my visa while being here from B2 to F1. I e-filed the I-539 and just got a letter (I-797A) saying my application for a change of nonimmigrant status is approved. The letter also says that if I may depart from the United States I may take the I-797A with me, but to re enter USA with this new nonimmigrant status (F-1) I need to obtain a visa in the desired classification. How can I obtain that the F-1 visa? Can I do it being while being here in the USA?

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NO, you cannot. You must travel outside the US and apply at an embassy or consulate for the F-1 visa with the newly approved change of status approval but this is always risky. One use to be able to apply for a visa at the Visa Office of the US State Department (in the US in Washington DC) but they closed this option for non A and G (diplomats and UN Visa holders) several years ago.



What do you mean by risky? So, if I decide not to leave USA, the approval for my change of status means that I can start school now?


Congratulations ... you now have status as a student and should keep in close contact and frequent communication with your foreign student adviser.

He/she will explain that you need a 'real visa' if you leave the US. If you don't leave the US, you don't need a visa.

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I agree with Mr. Calehr

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