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How can i get an eviction case dismissed? i cant rent any where...

Matthews, NC |

I wasn't evicted, i left the apt early. My ex-friend stayed through the end of the lease or thats what i thought cause i was paying my half of the rent... guess she didnt pay her half... I recently paid off the collection agency and they stated that the apartment place had to dismiss the case before handing it over to collection. now i cant move into my new apt until i get a letter stating it was dismissed but the court wont give me one and the collection agency wont either... now i am trying to track down the apt but they no longer own that apt... and every number i call i get voice mail and never get a call back... what do i do?

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It sounds like what you are looking for is proof that an eviction case against you was dismissed. If a case was filed against you in court, the case file is public record, and you should be able to go to the county courthouse for that county and ask to see it. The staff in the clerk's office will be able to look up your name in the system to locate your file so that you can view it. If the case was dismissed, you should see paperwork for the dismissal in the file.

Another possibility is that what happened was that there was a judgment against you, and what the new apartment company is really asking for is proof you paid off the judgment. That proof should also be in the court file. If you believe you paid off a judgment, but you have not been credited for the payments made, you should seek help from an attorney in your local area in properly making this claim to the collection agency that took your money.

(The attorney responding is licensed only in the state of North Carolina. This response does NOT constitute legal advice and does NOT create an attorney/ client relationship! Rather, the response is in the form of legal education and is intended to provide general information about the matter in question. Although a response is provided to the specific question, there may be other facts and law relevant to the issue that the questioner has left out and which would make the reply unsuitable. Therefore, the questioner should not base any decision on the answer, but should confer with an attorney in person about the specifics of his or her case.)

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