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How can I get an entertainment lawyer to pitch my material to TV networks, if i do not have the retainment fee upfront?

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I have received wonderful reviews from professionals and an agency about my pitch. Even though I am not an established writer, I know this is very valuable. I would love for you to read it and contact me, if you are interested and willing. My objective is to have the networks fall in love with it, and to elevate this pitch off the ground. I am aware it is exigent and somewhat impossible to get TV productions seriously to review material from a non established writer but I believe in positive energy and that this pitch is so vigorous and marketable that it has to be recognized. This would generate an elephantine amount of positive buzz and outstanding numbers in ratings and sales.

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You need to contact experienced, qualified entertainment lawyers in your area to discuss this. Posting an open call on the internet (even a good site like this one) is not likely to get you where you need to be even if you get solicitations.


If you have a great idea you believe in you should find an attorney who believes in your script, treatment, pitch, ete and then retain them to shop the script, and perhaps create a worthwhile incentive for the lawyer or agent if the pitch is picked up for production. This might be your best bet to getting your idea promoted by an entertainment lawyer or literary agent.

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Avvo has a "find a lawyer" link at the bottom of the page. You would search for "entertainment lawyer" in your area, and this is what you would get:

You can narrow the search by neighborhood, avvo rating, client rating, etc. That should get you started. You will want to review the lawyers' profile pages and see if you find someone who you think would be a good fit. Then interview a handful of people to determine who you feel most comfortable with.

Best of luck to you with your venture!

James Frederick

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