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How can I get all traces of a ticket removed from my drivers license that was thrown out in court by a judge.

Glenarden, MD |

I recieved a few tickets for driving on suspended tags and I missed the original court dates. I contacted the courts and rescheduled hearings for them and the judge had to enter a not guilty because the officers didn't show. Can i have all traces of these tickets removed from my record. On my record its still showing failure to appear dates and suspension of license dates but no convictions.

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You can have the charges expunged from your record. To do so, go to the Judiciary Website at and click on the expungement tab on the upper right corner. You will then need to complete the necessary forms and submit them to the appropriate court along with the necessary fee. The court will process the request and rule on your request.


You can expunge entries on your Maryland driver's license record by filing a request for expungement with the MVA, on a special form for MVA records, which you can download from this site:
When you get to that site, click on "Driver Licensing Forms", then on that page scroll down to the heading, "Driver Record Forms," then click on the form, "Expungement Request (form # AJ-058)". This is a different form from the court forms available in the District Court. The MVA will notify you if your expungement request meets the legal guidelines for expungement. Be sure to attach copies of the District Court notices setting forth the outcomes of your traffic citations which you want expunged. Good luck.


The answer is yes and Mr.Oakley gave you the correct manner in which to have this expunged. You can also go to the District Court Clerk's office to get the form.