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How can I get ahold of my post divorce property?

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I was divorced July 2009. The joint marital property is located in a locoal storage unti to which I have legal access but my ex has the only key. SHe lost hers and took mine when I wasn't home. She refuses to let me have the key or go to storage without her present, but throws constant roadblocks to meeting. She is, and has been, steadily removing joint property to her new home and I have no idea what all she has taken or what remains in storage. I do know of some things taken or sold and there are items that should be mine or at least jointly decided upon. How do I find out what she has @ her new home that may, in fact, be mine? Can I request an inventory or something similiar? Can I force her to give me the key so I can get my things?

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Your rights should be defined by your settlement agreement/Final Judgment. So that is the first place you should look. If your ex-wife is not complying, you can file a motion to enforce. As part of the motion, you could have rights to discovery (potentially including rights to inspect her home). If you had an attorney in your divorce, you should contact him or her to assist you in resolving this issue.

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