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How can I get access to my grandfather's will to get my inheritance?

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My sister and I were both left 5% each of my grandfather's farm in Illinois (over 1 mill in farm equipment alone) and it has been withheld from us for over 10 years. I believe my father is the executor, and has been getting the money and withholding it from us. How do we get access to the will, the farm financials, and get the money?

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Go to the county probate court for the county in which your grandfather lived. Ask them to see the file on his probate. The will and all accounts that executors are required to submit should be in that file. If you believe you have been wronged, you have the right to file an objection.

Do you know for certain that your grandfather had a will? If he instead opted for a trust, then you will need to directly communicate with your father, demanding a copy of the trust.

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I agree with Mr. Meyers answer. The entire file should be in the Surrogates or Probate Court and you should have access to it.

Good luck.


I think a few assumptions are being made here that I'd like you to clarify. Was the farm in Illinois also your grandfather's home? Or was he a Florida resident?

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