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How can I get a sentence reduction?

Woodstock, GA |

My friend got 125 years in prison for agg. assault, hijacking motor vehicle, poss of stim drugs, poss of firearm felon. He has done four years and I know what he did was wrong, but 125 years. Is it possible to get him out? One attorney said $15,000 and he could get him out on time served. That's alot of money, but I want to make sure that it could be done.

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Attorney answers 2


I don't practice in GA. It seems unlikely that an attorney could get the 125 years reduced to time served.

Edward J. Blum


I do practice in Georgia and based upon what you have told us, I think it is extremely unlikely that this sentence would be reduced to time served. I notice that you are from Woodstock. If your friend was sentenced in Cherokee County I can say with personal knowledge that our 3 superior court judges are very unlikely to reduce a sentence. Your friend may have an appeal or habeas corpus issue that could result in his case being overturned, and that could be what the attorney is talking about, but to just go back in front of the judge and convice him or her to change his/her mind and reduce the sentence isn't likely.