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How can i get a restricted license after a 2nd dui while on probation in California

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my first dui was a felony with an injury ( my passenger who messed up his knee) in July 2009. i was convicted with 3 months in jail with a strike and the 2nd one was in my driveway on Oct 2010 which i did 32 months with 80 percent. got out of prison DEC 4 2012. I'm going to school full time, in sober living , at a drug and alcohol program 5 times a weeks. taking care of my va ( I'm a combat vet) so my question is how can i get a restricted license. i have the Sr-22, enrolled in a 18 month class and was going to get the iid but then dmv told me i need to to do a first offenders program and complete it to get a restricted license. is there any way i can get the restricted license sooner. I've been doing good with everything and a license is all i need to get a job and better my self. thanks

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You attorney, who is aware of all of the facts in this matter, should be your first choice in discussing this situation. Otherwise, there's some very odd facts here including the first time offender's program. Did you complete the 2nd time offender's program and not the first? I strongly encourage you to speak to your attorney to have the situation clarified. Good luck.

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The fact you received your 2nd DUI while on probation for the 1st appears to be your biggest problem here. I doubt you will be able to get a restricted license for at least a year, but always best to check with your original attorney who should (key word) know your case better than a stranger on the internet.

Good Luck!

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This doesn't make sense. You must have been ordered to do a multiple offender by the court. The DMV is treating this as a 1st for their purposes, according to you I'm not sure why based on the facts you've posted. . You need to speak with your attorney to get some clarification. the DMV should be treating this as at least a second and not eligible for a restricted until you've finished the course becasu eit 's been too long. Talk to your attorney who will contact the mandatory action unit of the DMV to straighten this out for you.