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How can I get a free divorce?

Atlanta, GA |

My husband committed adultery. We have no children, property or bank accounts together. We both agree on the divorce.

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If you are shopping for a free divorce, you will probably need to do it yourself. There is a filing fee with the courts, so it will still cost something.

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You would start by visiting the law library and research what is required to file for an uncontested divorce. Learn how to draft the appropriate documents (or fill out forms, if they are available) and file them with the clerk. If you are indigent, you may petition the court to waive any court fees associated with the filing.

I am licensed to practice divorce and family law in VA, not GA. As such, I may be unaware of certain state laws; and therefore, my response may be wrong or irrelevant. Please use my response for informational purposes only and contact a local attorney for legal advice.

Good luck.

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Both Fulton and DeKalb counties provide forms for divorce. DeKalb County also provides 30 minute consultations with an attorney at a nominal cost. I've included their link below.

I would caution you on doing this on your own. At the very least you should speak to an attorney. Just because property is not tiled in both of your names does not mean that you do not have an equitable interest in that property.

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How can I get free housecleaning?

If you are expecting others to do your divorce for free, you are expecting too much. If you want to do it yourself, Fulton County has some forms available online. They aren't great, but they are free and that's what you want.

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If you are indigent you may contact Atlanta Legal Aid for assistance. If not, then you should stil lconsult with an attorney in the abundance of caution. There are forms available to file an uncontested divorce but you do so at your own risk.