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How can I get a felony to disappear in Wisconsin?

Green Bay, WI |

In 1997 when I was 18 years old, I pled no contest and was convicted of a Felony U for Issuing Worthless Checks in Outagamie County and 3 misdemeanor counts of Issuing Worthless Checks < $1000 in Winnebago County. My sentence was 9 months in jail and 3 years of probation. My probation was extended twice to allow me time to pay off the large amount of restitution but I did successfully complete it.

Since then I have gone back to school for my associates degree, where I graduated with honors. Other then a seatbelt citation I have not gotten into any legal trouble. Last week I was denied for a good paying job because of these convictions. I have over $40K in student loans to pay off and it's been a really long time, how can I have this removed so I can get a good job and move on?

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Attorney answers 2


Right now you can't. The changes to the expungement law that made felonies eligible do not apply retroactively. Also, Governor Walker refuses not only to consider granting any pardons, but even to staff the board that considers pardon applications.


Even if you could persuade a prosecutor and a judge to issue an expungement prohibited by law, it would not eliminate the police record of the arrest and conviction which employers will see upon conducing a police records check on you. Felony convictions don't just disappear in Wisconsin.