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How can i get a felony drug charge expunged in new york state?

Cortland, NY |

charge was for criminal sale of marijuana in the second degree. plea agreement was for a one year local jail interment. has since been 5 years and is impairing financial aid and my ability to travel to canada and further

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There is no expungement in New York.

You can apply to the sentencing judge for relief from civil disabilities, which may alleviate some of the collateral effects of your felony conviction. I can't say whether it will help in terms of either financial aid or travel restrictions.

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I agree. I am not sure that a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities will cure either of these problems. As to the financial aid issue, my understanding is that problem is caused by a federal law that states conviction of a drug offense disqualifies you for financial aid. As to the ability to travel to Canada, I believe that issue arises because of Canadian law.

It might be possible to seek a pardon from the Governor, but you should expect the process to be long and expensive.

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