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How can I get a DUI conviction expunged or sealed from my records that occurred in Florida 2007?

Boynton Beach, FL |
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Unfortunately, DUI is one of a few charges that are not eligible for expunction.


In CA, DUI's qualify for expungement, but the court is getting much tighter in granting them for DUI related offenses.


You are not able to seal a DUI in the state of Florida. Since you were convicted (as is mandatory in DUI cases) you are unable to get this charge sealed.


Unless you were sentenced as a Youthful Offender, you can't.


I agree with the other responses. A Florida DUI is not eligible for sealing. You can only expunge a charge that has been declined by the State. Check out FDLE'S website for a list of offenses that are not eligible for sealing or expunging.

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