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How can i get a custody case moved to michigan from indiana?

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when the case started the kids and i lived in indiana. since 2009 or 2010 we all have been living in michigan. in 2011 i had some past issues to take care of in indiana. due to being put on probation in indiana i could not leave the state. at that time a GAL came to visit my kids and i in indiana. i dont think he (the GAL) looked in to this because he seems to think that indiana is our (my kids and i) home state. i have read a little bit about the UCCJEA. since being released from probation we moved back to our home state. they are trying to tell me i may have broke a law by moving. i really dont see how when i have no warrants nor am i on any type of probation. both parties are living in michigan and would like to have the case moved here to michigan. thanks for your time and help

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More than likely, you violated a court order by removing the kids from Indiana (in 2009-10 and recently). Most court orders have language that you cannot remove the children from their home state (in this case Indiana) without the court's permission. If you and the other parent agreed to the move, it's not difficult to accomplish this. Now that you're in Michigan, you'd need to file a petition in the Indiana court to change jurisdiction to Michigan. Contact an Indiana attorney to get this done.

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