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How can I get a boat that is titled in my sons name removed/ sold from my property.

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It is a hugh ( 45 ft ) sailboat that is infested with rats . The neighbors are complaining and my tenant is threating to leave if the boat and rats are not removed asap . The boat belongs to my son who will not co - operate in any way and the trailer the boat sits on is not road worthy

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I am going to tag this under admiralty law to bring in some more opinions.

An imaginative (admiralty law) guess on my part would be to have your son agree to let you exterminate the rats. Then you can demand he pay for the extermination or have the boat arrested. Your son could then either pay you the amount owed and the rat problem vanishes, or the court will sell the boat at auction. After the sale, the boat no longer belongs to your son, and he could do nothing to stop the new owner from removing it from the property.

Of course, you could just hire an attorney to demand that he remove the boat or it will be hauled off your property. The effectiveness of that strategy would depend on whether he lives there, pays rent, storage fees, etc.

So really what I am saying is that you should hunt down a few local attorneys who offer free consultations, give them the specifics we attorneys tend to love, and see what they say.

Best of luck.

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Alan Sanders Richard

Alan Sanders Richard


As the vessel is not upon navigable waters, it would not fall into Admiralty jurisdiction. Sorry. It would have been a very good suggestion if the vessel had been tied to his dock.