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How can I get a 3 year old WILL to be finalize when the attorney who wrote the WILL doesn't want to help?

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There's findings of a conflict of interest between the attorney who wrote the WILL and the person named in the WILL who owes the estate $20,000. This person refuses to pay and the lawyer neglected to follow up or assist in this matter. Thank you Ms. Bobbi Battey

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The attorney owes an ethical obligation to you, no matter how much the beneficiary owes the lawyer. Accordingly, please return to the lawyer and have him or her oversee the execution of your will and any other estate planning documents (such as a power of attorney and health care proxy). If the attorney refuses to see you, take the document to another attorney, explain the circumstances, and the new attorney should assist you. Note that each attorney is different, so your new attorney may suggest a different kind of estate plan, such as a pour-over will and revocable living trust. Good luck to you.

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Your question is not clear. It sounds like the testator died and there is an issue with settling the estate not "Will". Please clarify. Not sure how a person in the will owing $20,000 makes a difference otherwise.

In addition, what is your relationship to this matter, what is your interest, and what are you looking for? Who is the executor? Its there duty, not the attorney's. Please provide more specifics.

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I am the Personal Representative and daugther of the deceased. The final WILL was written days before she died. The lawyer who wrote it, knows the person named in the WILL which develops a conflict of interest therefore he had no ethical desire to follow up and advice this person that they were named in the WILL owing $20,000. I have the note, the checks this person was paying back the note up until she,died and i have letters in the person handwriting that the note is valid. The lawyer stalled and did nothing to assist in obtaining the money nor make arrangements to give my mothers dog to the same person owing the money. Basically, he felt no need to go after her or tell her and now the WILL has not been honored as it is written.


Provided you are the client who created the will, I agree with Mr. Pankowski. The attorney owes you, his client, a fiduciary duty, regardless of any monies owed by another person. Your question is somewhat unclear regarding the different relationships between the parties. However, if you need an attorney's assistance and a particular attorney refuses to follow up with you, you should hire a new attorney.

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