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How can I find out who the owner of a Corporation or an LLC is in California

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How can I find out who the owner of a Corporation or an LLC is in California. I know i can search the Secretary of State website but it only gives me the Registered Agent Name.

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Check the Secretary of State website, this will provide information on the company and the agent for process. You can order copies of the Articles of Incorporation from the agency as well.


The Secretary of State only maintains information regarding officers, directors, and agents for service of process for corporations, and managers, chief executive officers and agents for service of process for LLCs. The identity of the owners is not public and is not registered with a public entity.

I have attached a link to the Business Entity Records Order Form which will enable you to order all publicly available information on a corporation or LLC but you will not be provided with actual ownership information.

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Adina T Stern

Adina T Stern


Let me add that I assume you are not talking about a publicly traded corporation.


As was noted above, information about actual owners is not in the public record. However, if it is a small LLC or corporation, you might be able to figure it out. They may name themselves as an incorporator or as the resident agent. It may require being a bit of a gumshoe. Good luck.

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If the company filed a Form D "Notice of Exempt Offering of Securities" with the SEC when issuing securities you MIGHT find some information on owners in the SEC's online database at You will not find information on owners on the California Secretary of State's website.

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