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How can I find out whether my doctor or dentist have been sued for malpractice

Carlsbad, CA |

How do I find out how many lawsuits were filed against a dentist or doctor?

Dr. George Salem in Braintree Ma, was her ever sued for malpractice?

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While I cannot speak for the specific resources in California, here in Illinois the Cook County Courthouse has an online docketing system. You can search the system by Plaintiff or Defendant. Just enter the physician's name in the defendant section and see if any suits pull up. You can also go directly to the courthouse and use their system. I would assume California has some similar system. You may also contact your state's Department of Professional Regulation to see if there are any issues with the physician. Hope this helps.


The State of California issues licenses for medical doctors and dentists. They also maintain a website where you can look up a doctor and that website lists all judgments against a doctor. What it won't tell you is how many times s/he has been sued. In other words, if someone sued the doctor but lost, that information will not be found on the website. Go to and click on "check your doctor".


Brother Blanchard (above) is correct. Additionally, you can go to the superior court websites for the local county courts where the doctors would most likely have been sued, and run a name search through the online dockets.

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